Sunday, June 1, 2008

Langkawi Triptych

The past two days saw me working furiously non-stop to finish this latest painting. It is for a show at Artseni gallery featuring XL-sized works by Malaysian artists.

It really is XL! This one is a triptych measuring 7 by 14 feet, done in acrylic. The painting is of a secret place near Kuah town, Langkawi.

I wanted to re-create the sounds and splashes of the sea waves against the rocks. I wanted to show the colours of the dipping sun reflected on the sea, without resorting to painting the sky. I wanted to differentiate the calm of the sea against the frothy surf in the foreground.

Well, at least, I hope that the viewer will see all these from my painting.

Of course, due to the size of this painting, viewing it from a distance is totally different from viewing it close-up. I had a difficult time painting this due to the size. Had to keep on moving back and forth, near and far, to see how my strokes affected the "big picture," so to speak.

I even had to "create" special brushes to do this piece. I attached long pieces of branches to my brushes so they would be longer and help me create the rough strokes for this painting.

The six pictures above show the different stages of the painting. It will be installed on the Muse Floor of Starhill Gallery this Tuesday, 2nd June. To see the final version, do come for the official opening scheduled for 15th June.