Thursday, September 8, 2011

Working with wood

In recent months, much of the studio floor space at Pohon Rimbun has been taken up by all kinds of wood -- angsana lah, rambai lah, and other wood types we have yet to identify (I think we can get this done at the Malaysia Timber Board...nantilah...). Oh, and the floor is literally littered with wood shavings, too!

The reason for all this mess -- or shall I say, creative mess -- is that I have embarked on a new project doing wood sculptures.

The outcome? Perhaps we shall see the full outcome by next year. All I can say for now is that I have completed 3 wooden sculptures which look pretty amazing, whimsical and a touch lewd, too, if I may add!

Well, hope the creative process runs smoothly for me...will keep things posted soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Printmaking workshop with the Bingley family

Another outdated post, but one I feel that should have its place here.

During one of Bingley's visits to the studio/gallery, we did something a little different with his two children, Imen and Iza. While Bingley toured the gallery space (which was exhibited with Tengku Sabri's drawings and wood sculptures), the children had their first experience of a printmaking workshop.

During my ITM days, I had actually majored in printmaking. It's actually a form of art that requires great patience, discipline, technical knowledge, forethought and the ability to imagine in a "reverse" way. Printmaking is a great mental exercise that challenges your set perspectives and the way you view things! Also, doing woodcut prints is a very tactile form of art -- from the sketching, the carving, application of colour and the final imprint of wood onto paper -- something that I truly enjoy. One can be totally immersed in the process of printmaking, oblivious to current surroundings!

That afternoon, Imen and Iza worked with wood; first, making the image selection, then sketching it out with pencil on a piece of wood block. After that, they used the carving tools to scrape away on the wood, creating various interesting textures. Finally, the ink was applied and the image was transferred onto paper. The two of them never had any experience in printmaking previously, but the results were pretty amazing!

Awie also did a spontaneous print of the two children hard at work. Awie has been polishing up his skills in printmaking and is enjoying this art form immensely!