Sunday, November 22, 2009

Launch of Lautan Tiga exhibition at Art Village, Bangsar South

Zainal presents a painting to Bingley for officiating the Lautan 3 exhibition.
Looking on are Suhaimi and Tuan Azhar

Yesterday, Bingley Sim, personal friend and art lover and art collector, officiated the Lautan 3 3-man show at Art Village Bangsar South.

In his speech, he said he was "a small-time art collector," but I beg to differ. His enthusiasm for Malaysian art has made a huge impact in the lives of many Malaysian artists, myself included.

His wife, Fatima, their children, Bella, Iza and Imen (please correct my spelling!), and Bingley himself are avid fans of art. Their support and encouragement has helped many artists to move forward in developing their works and careers in art.

Thank you, Bingley, for giving us your precious time to officiate the Lautan 3 exhibition. And thank you to everyone for sharing your Saturday with us and to enjoy the paintings we have ourselves enjoyed producing!
I also want to record my appreciation to Kenny Teng of Art Village for giving us this opportunity to showcase our works at his premises.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Lautan Tiga Exhibition

(please click for larger image)

Dear friends,

I'm happy to announce my upcoming exhibition "Lautan Tiga" at Art Village, opening on 21 November, 4pm (and continues till 13 Dec). I'd like to personally invite you to the launch and share my latest works with you.

The exhibition is personally something that I've wanted to do with two of my close friends, Suhaimi (Mie Pak Lah in this blog) and Tuan Azhar, my buddies from ITM "those days." I'm glad for this opportunity to exhibit with them finally!

Moreover, the exhibition will be launched by Mr. Bingley, who has been a great supporter of the Malaysian art industry, and who has encouraged me in the development of my work.

I'm also thankful to Mr. Kenny from Art Village for giving us the opportunity and space to exhibit at his chic new gallery in the esteemed neighbourhood of Bangsar South. (View map)

As to why we've named the show "Lautan Tiga," well, you will just have to be there at the show to find out!

Please come by and say "hi" to me...I look forward to seeing my old friends and new acquaintainces there!
Lastly, please spread the word. For Facebook promo, click here.