Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back from Penang

(From L-R): Ch'ng Huck Theng, artist Eric Quah, me, my former student I-Ming, and Lee Khai

Exchanging thoughts with veteran photographer in Penang

It was nice to see even children appreciating art at such a young age!

I just came back from Penang today. I guess you could say that the trip had a 4-pronged mission:

1. Attend the launch of my first solo exhibition in Penang (you can view the online exhibition here)
2. Buy art supplies
3. Look for the Merc classic rims and caps for my car
4. Makan...

Glad to report that all 4 missions were accomplished!

The exhibition in Penang went quite well (a story on it appeared in the Star Metro, Northern edition). I met some excellent people -- Eric Quah, a respected artist now based in Penang; Ming, a former student of mine who has some good plans for the Penang art market; and Tun Daim Zainuddin who visited the show today!

The Penang crowd was a pleasant surprise for me. Quite a number of old-time artists, water-colourists, self-taught artists, and photographers came to the show. It was a nice feeling to know that all these people came over to see my works and give their support and feedback. Penang has always been known as the venue for modern art and has her huge share of talented and creative people. Having some of these people at the show was quite an honour.

When A2 art gallery approached me to show my works up north, I was happy to do so and share my works with the people of Penang. It was an opportunity for me to explore the market there and see the people's response to my art.

After just three days into the show, I guess you could say that there is a market for art there. Perhaps it is small, but it is growing and I think with more art exposure and education, the Penang people, especially the younger generation, will appreciate art more.

I also replenished my art supplies at the famous art supply shop, Nanyang. I bought more canvas, brushes, and paints. Due to the amount spent, I think they should make me their honorary customer of the year!

I was also very lucky to have found the original rims and caps for my 200T Merc station wagon. I got the lead to the supplier from my wife's uncle who told us to visit the Chin Fook service shop near the jetty. My car will now have some proper, "new" shoes!

Malaysia is known for its variety of food and culture of eating, but Penang is the capital city of food in Malaysia! During my Penang trip, one of the best meals I had was with Eric and Ming at Restoran Kapitan somewhere near Little India. The tandoori and briyani chicken was just fantastic.

After dinner, we made our way to Eric's house and that was also quite an honour for us. We got to see his personal collection of works and art books and taste a mean brew of imported coffee.

I've always enjoyed Penang and this trip was one of the most memorable ones.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I visited the online show on the A2 website. I like your paintings. Thank you for sharing.

melor said...

hi.. where can i get the art supplies in penang? as in your entry, you mention about ur trip to penang and 1 of the missions: but art supplies. thx