Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The minimalist

This is Hanafiah Waiman. Artist, friend, teacher, Phillip-Morris award winner. His works are defined by his simplicity. Every stroke, colour or line has to earn its place on his canvas. Nothing is in excess.

His subject matter are often things that are going on in the life he knows, in the kampung he lives. You will see the chess player, the telephone man, the girl with flowers.

Then there are the fairytale series, inspired by the stories he reads to his children. All done with a light hand, making the final work an art piece that really shows off his masterly skill and fine talent in drawing.

His works reminds one of those produced by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Raw with an unfinished quality, melancholic yet modern. His works look like they have been carelessly put together with scribbles and patches, but they are the work of a precise artist.

Just a few nights ago, Hanafiah came over to my studio bearing some of his 2008 works. These are new works that bear the same Hanafiah style but with a marked development.

My wife and I have sold some of his works to some collectors previously. The new works are currently at our studio for viewing.


Anonymous said...

the sleeping chessplayer is finally awake...hehehhe...good to know

Zainal said...

Yes, the chess player has woken up and the telephone man has answered
the phone. But far from being inactive in the art scene, Hanafiah has
actually never stopped painting and producing new works all this while.
I've seen his works and I really like, in
particular, his fairy tale series. In fact, I have even sold some of his
works on his behalf. He may not have exhibited in the
mainstream art scene but trust me, he hasn't lost his touch!

I have some of his latest series and look forward to show them to
collectors who are just waiting to see what he has been up to.

wajay said...

life seems slowing down in the parallel world!