Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using the EC Lyons engraving tools

I was so excited to start using the engraving tools I purchased recently that I just primed a piece of wood and started laying down some lines -- just a simple drawing of plants from around the garden.

The tools are very sharp and easy to work with, reflecting the quality of the workmanship and steel, forged to perfection! 

On this particular piece of wood, which isn't so dense/hard, it was very easy to maneuver the tool around. Very little pressure is needed to guide the point around the lines I made earlier.

In the picture, you can see that I've made my first test print.

Monday, June 24, 2013

New toy: engraving tools for my printmaking

Finally, the engraving tools have arrived from New York. Cost me a pretty penny, as they say. Can't wait to get started on some new works. Printmaking sounds good right about now.

These were bought online from E.C. Lyons. The tools are great, but customer service was bad -- the goods were shipped out only a week after payment had been made. I don't know why the shop assistant was sitting on my order for so long.

If anyone knows where else to purchase engraving tools, please let me know.

Also on the same subject of tools, I was recently in Penang near Armenian Street hunting down an old Chinese engraving shop. Ena had said that he was one of the old surviving craftsman who did door signages the old-fashioned way -- by hand. 

I thought I could buy some tools off him. But when we got there, his shop assistant said that he had taken ill and was not coming in till later. 

Guess it wasn't my lucky day that time.