Thursday, September 27, 2007

The last of my "ignorance"

The “Illiterati” series was created in 2004. It consists of only four still-life paintings done with acrylics.

Two were bought by a corporate individual some years ago and the rest are still with me. One that is still in my collection is “Illiterati 2:208,” measuring 38 x 55 inches -- an arrangement of my Quran, a newspaper article about the US invasion on Iraq, a mug and a bowl on a table.

The simple items I laid out were in contrast to the complicated situation of the world at the time, and the confusion it caused. A war was looming, tipping the balance of things and shaking the order of God.

The situation in the world made me pause to reflect on many things: about nations exerting power upon others, about their use of wit and cunning to outdo each other -- but only succeeding in creating destruction for mankind.

It expressed the ignorance of learned people -- the illiterates of the so-called literati.

It is very rarely that I paint still-lifes these days and these four paintings are very special to me. It reminds me of a significant period in my life some years ago.

I may never get to see the two that were already sold to a client, but if I had to part with the remaining two, I wouldn't mind if it went to the hands of a friend whom I know will appreciate it.

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