Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is how it starts. On a blank canvas. Or in this case, two blank canvases, as I attempt to paint two pieces simultaneously.

I've been studying the paintings of William Turner and feeling so inspired by his seascapes, by how he paints the air, the "multitudinous" sea, by his skills at watercolours, by his sheer imagination!

I've also received a few pictures of the sunset from the middle of the ocean, somewhere off Bintulu. They were taken and sent to me by my neighbour Alex who works out on the sea. I think they call him a geologist. He took some very good photos which have had me itching to paint since then.

With Turner on my shoulder and this great desire to turn the Bintulu sunset on canvas, it's both a curse and a blessing. I can't wait to put brush to colour to canvas.

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