Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lights on the Water at Art Accent, Bangsar

Apparently, every time I do a solo exhibition, it is bound to rain on the launch day, and this time it was no different! It has happened maybe about three times already. But as they say, rain is a blessing from God for what is to come.

The launch of my solo exhibition at Art Accent, Bangsar Village II, was a casual get-together with friends, artists and collectors.

Tuan Haji Hajeedar, generous supporter of Malaysian art with a big heart, was there to officiate the event. I was deeply honoured to have him speak about me and my progress in art. In his enlghtening speech, he revealed our first meeting way back in 2003 when I had my first solo exhibition in the humble premises of Balai Berita, NST, from which our friendship only grew.

Although he enjoyed seeing my development into abstract works, he said that he still had a soft spot for my landscapes.

Another collecter, Bingley and wife Ima, were there too with their children. I was happy that they allowed me to show "Landscape of the Belum Moth" painting, which they bought earlier, at this solo. This particular painting was an important and highly relevant piece to the show not only because it was selected as the first-prize in the Passions International Art Competition 2007, but also because it was the piece that started me on my abstract series, Belantara. A few of the Belantara pieces are being shown at the solo now.

I was also happy to see Pakharuddin Sulaiman as a guest there. He is Malaysia's respected art collector whose inventory of paintings, sculptures, installation works, art books and knowledge, some would say, could easily put the National Art Gallery's to shame.

I'd like to thank Margaret and her team at Art Accent for the opportunity to exhibit my paintings at their cozy little gallery. I also wish to thank my friends and artists (Soon Lai Wai, Lim Ah Cheng, Ng Foo Cheong) for always lending me their moral support, my collectors for believing in my art, and my family for their constant love which has fuelled my passion in art.

The exhibition will run till Sep 2, and I hope that those who missed the launch will find the time to view my paintings there one of these days. In the meantime, I will try to squeeze some time in to post some pictures of the exhibition and the launch.

Thank you.

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