Saturday, May 10, 2008

What happens after the Belum moth?

People say that when you do something the same way over and over, it breeds familiarity and boredom...but that is not a bad thing really.

In my case, I have been doing landscape paintings for many years, and yet I never bore of it. The opposite happens, in fact. With each landscape painting that I do, I always learn something new from it -- a new colour to introduce, a new technique to use, etc.

When I look at my works from the late 1990s and compare them with those that I do now, I see a definite progress.

Now, after many years of painting landscapes in my usual way, I have become aware of the many opportunities for me to develop my painting style even further.

A turning point in the development of my paintings can be seen in the piece, "Landscape of the Belum Moth," the winning submission for the Passions International Art Competition last year. The piece is a stark contrast from the usual landscape pieces that I have been known to produce.

I was further prompted to explore this style of painting after having received some positive comments from fellow artists and collectors. I am now working simultaneously on several pieces exploring this new direction. The subject matter is based on my trips and captivating scenes of Langkawi, Janda Baik and Pulau Perhentian.

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