Sunday, May 18, 2008

The secret places in Langkawi

Untitled as yet: A painting of the evening scene somewhere near Kuah jetty

I am working on a series of paintings of Langkawi based on my trip there early this year. The painting featured here is just one of them. It will be submitted for a group show at Art Accent Gallery, Bangsar Village II on 24 May.

I remember the trip to Langkawi very well. I was actually torn between leaving my wife who was in confinement at the time, and going to Langkawi to gather material for this year's paintings (I knew that after my son Musa's birth, it wouldn't be easy to just take off). In the end, my wife and I decided that it was best that I go at the time.

Anyway, this piece is of a place near Kuah jetty. If you have been to Kuah, you will know that there is nothing worthy of a second look there. However, on the last evening in Langkawi, my travelling buddy and artist friend, Suhaimi, showed me this "secret" place in Kuah that few people know of or care about.

To get there is an adventure in itself. We had to drive off the main road uphill towards a dead end. We parked the car and made our way on foot down a steep and narrow path lined with bushes and trees. We then came upon a small clearing of rocks and the view of the sea.

I remember being there and waiting for the right moment to come. The sun was dipping into the horizon, the waves were crashing against the rocks, colours were changing by the second, and all of a sudden, the entire scene was bathed in light. The water shimmered, the sky glowed and the rocks were glistening with water and froth.

I took the shot just as the waves crashed against the rock, creating a swirling, frothy surf in the foreground.

After that, the lights diminished colour by colour until it was too dark to see.


Aloha! said...

Hey Zainal

This is my first time visiting your blog... very nice! I like your drawings. Any occasion that you will be coming to Southern Malaysia for exhibiting your paintings? Let me know if you have ya, interested to attend :)

Thanks and regards
Bryan See

Zainal said...

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for dropping by to my blog and for the nice words. I would like to exhibit in Johor, but at the moment am looking for a reputable contact / art gallery there who would be able to organise a show for me or represent me there.

But if you are ever in KL, I welcome you to visit my studio!

Take care...MY wife and I have enjoyed reading your island escapades as well. we hope to have a good time in Lang Tengah this June.

Luna said...

I just happened to be at Art Accent yesterday and among all those on exhibits, I like yours the best. It reminds me of Claude Monet but better because very vibrant in color. I like vibrant colors. It's the kind of painting I could look at for hours and won't get bored with it.

Keep up the good work Zainal, your painting is one of a kind.

I seldom see artworks by Malaysian artists that I really fancy. Yours made it into my list.

My favorites by the way are those by John Singer Sargent :) and Gustav Klimt.

Zainal said...

Hi Luna,

I am honoured by your regard for my works. Thank you for appreciating the colours... I love to study the effect of colours on one another and knowing that you feel the vibrations of it as I do makes me feel greatly rewarded as an artist.

In fact, Monet is one of my inspirations...however, he is a master in a class of his own and I doubt that any painter will ever come close to being as great as him!

Klimt is one of my favourates too and Sargent is a great american artist, his water colour works especially , magical and very inspiring as well.

I am working on a piece which is similar to what you saw at art accent but in a larger size, approx. 7'x14' and it will be at The Starhill, Muse floor on the 3rd of June onwards.

Drop by if you are around. And do come over for the opening, on the 15th june. Please contact Philip Wong of ArtSeni Gallery (012 398 9608) on the time.