Sunday, November 22, 2009

Launch of Lautan Tiga exhibition at Art Village, Bangsar South

Zainal presents a painting to Bingley for officiating the Lautan 3 exhibition.
Looking on are Suhaimi and Tuan Azhar

Yesterday, Bingley Sim, personal friend and art lover and art collector, officiated the Lautan 3 3-man show at Art Village Bangsar South.

In his speech, he said he was "a small-time art collector," but I beg to differ. His enthusiasm for Malaysian art has made a huge impact in the lives of many Malaysian artists, myself included.

His wife, Fatima, their children, Bella, Iza and Imen (please correct my spelling!), and Bingley himself are avid fans of art. Their support and encouragement has helped many artists to move forward in developing their works and careers in art.

Thank you, Bingley, for giving us your precious time to officiate the Lautan 3 exhibition. And thank you to everyone for sharing your Saturday with us and to enjoy the paintings we have ourselves enjoyed producing!
I also want to record my appreciation to Kenny Teng of Art Village for giving us this opportunity to showcase our works at his premises.

For pictures, go to our Facebook page.


is9 said...

rasa2 mcm soldout je show ni . if so , shabas encik Sir . harap lebih lagi shows yg laris lagi goreng rangup .

abdullahjones said...

dengar kamu di BFM dan kemari. tahniah atas pameran.

A.Shukri Elias said...

Tahniah buat Zainal, Tuan Azhar dan Suhaimi

A.Shukri Elias said...

Salam Aidil Adha buat Tuan sekeluarga

Zainal said...

Saudara Jones, you should have contacted me ealier, could have met. Anyway, thanks for visiting.

Saudara Lenon, Thanks. Was hoping that you would dropby to the show. Jadi ke europe?

Selamat hari raya to all.

naser said...

tahniah yob

ngapa tak kabo ada show, teruskan usaha.