Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Langkawi exhibition

So much time has passed and now we meet again in the new year -- two new years, in fact, the Gregorian and Lunar.

I wonder how we will all fare this year financially, mentally, emotionally...healthily, I hope!

I kick off the new year with my first exhibition. It will be a group exhibition among 5 men and 1 woman at Sheraton Langkawi at the end of this month.
The island threads us all into one common woven fabric because otherwise, we all have different views, different painting styles, different strokes. They are all friends from different times of my life. Some friendships were made in ITM, forged stronger over the years. Other friendships waxed and waned but cemented recently. Some work with hands and marble. Some with paint and brush.

I do not know what each of us are producing other than the requirement that each artist must offer five paintings for the show.

Lately, I have been painting Langkawi landscapes. Perhaps because I have been there last year maybe a half dozen times already. They are almost ready for the show except for some minor touch ups and framing.

I have been having trouble deciding which five works to bring to the show. Logistics is another matter I must think about. It is not easy to bring heavily-framed artworks over 200 kilometres and on a ferry passage to the island.

I will paint some more and think about this.


bingley said...

why dont you show all your paintings and let your fan club decide which one to go to Langkawi

Zainal said...

Bingley, I have posted up six paintings and maybe will put up more later.

is9 said...

waaa , sir ah , anak sudah besar la ..
how time flies since the last time i visited your house .

Zainal said...

Ya, he is now 13 months old and very active! Bila2 free tu, come and visit...can catch up on news.

Karmatrix said...

Is the painting behind your son (Tanjung Rhu, as in your Feb 4 post? Looks a lot more spectacular.
Looking forward to paying you a visit.

Zainal said...

Karmatrix, yes, its the same painting still in progress.