Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend visitors

It was quite a busy weekend for me and my wife. On top of that, our maid wasn't feeling very well, and our son was extra active! But, it was a great weekend with friends, art and food!

First of all, I had invited my friend, Awie (pic above), to visit my studio and help me manage it this weekend. Musa simply adores him! The picture above makes him look very fierce, but personally, Awie is a gentle and soft-spoken person and a good friend. That's us having breakfast in my garden.

On Friday night, Azma brought her friends (pic above) over to view some of the paintings. One of them wanted to buy a painting for her future husband who is very much into art. She says that he picks up a piece of painting wherever he travels. It would be her maiden purchase. I think it's nice of her to surprise her man with something he likes! I hope that whatever painting she chooses, he will appreciate not just the artwork but also her gesture!

Azma's other friend was quite well-versed in art and has visited many of the famous art museums to view the original artworks. How I envy her! The above picture is of us having dinner -- roast chicken and potatoes.

On Sunday afternoon, we had invited Bingley and his brother (pic above, Kevin and wife, Devina) along with their wives over. Bingley's brother, Kevin, had expressed his interest in art, too, previously and finally managed to clear some time to visit my studio on Sunday.

He chose two paintings that were different from each other -- one was a soothing sunset landscape of the beach, the other was a vivid piece of the Janda Baik sunset.

I like these two pictures of Bingley and Musa below. Bingley was looking at some of my sketches done in the East Coast, and Musa was very interested to take a peek at them also!

It was very encouraging for me to know that the interest in art is spreading among more Malaysians...I feel very happy about this and it renews my semangat to continue with my paintings and to stick to this path!

To Azma, Bingley, Fatimah and friends, thank you for spreading the word.

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