Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doa Selamat at the Art Room

On 14 January, we had a little doa selamat kenduri for the new studio/gallery. There were about 20 guests, mostly friends, family and neighbours.

I had the help of my friend, Awie, to clean the place up, cook and basically make the entire place more welcoming for the occasion.

The menu was simple food -- mee hoon goreng, roast chicken, roti jala and beef curry, salad and pudding for dessert. I must thank my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for bringing some of the food.

And to those who came to give their blessings, many thanks to you. I hope that this new place will be the beginning of many more inspirations, productive work and gatherings.

More pics, from top to bottom: what's left of the food; the "ustaz section" in deep discussion; the "artist section" headed by Tengku Sabri and Hanafiah; the "family section"; and Chef Awie carving the roast chicken; at the end of the night, my wife and me.

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studio rajawali said...

selamat berstudio. selamat bergaleri. :)