Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chasing the Monsoon

Been talking to Ena about making a trip to the east coast during the monsoon season to paint and see how the grey and charged atmosphere of the rainy season there would translate on canvas. At first I had wanted to bring the entire family. Rent a kampung house near the sea, we'd sleep and cook there. Fish, paint, wander. And at the first sign of clear weather, make the sea journey to the Perhentians.

Our chalet at The Moon in Cherating
But practicalities took over -- as they always do -- and we decided that it was best that I make the trip on my own for work. So here I am, on the road again, chasing the monsoon.

My friend Lan Pulau who runs Keranji Resort at Perhentian Kecil Island had called to say that the weather is still good for island travel. The next few days might be the last chance to go to the island before the monsoon season descends proper. Immediately, I packed up my supplies to head for the island.

If before, I had made the trip with Suhaimi or Mie Pak Lah, this time, it is with Awie. He's been assisting me with running the studio for many months now, and in return, I teach him what I know. He's also one of Musa's "best friends"!
Need my coffee fix
From KL, we pushed off on 22 Nov, and made a stop at Kuantan for coffee (Good coffee is an indispensable companion), before moving on to Cherating. There, we put up the night at The Moon chalet (at RM30 a night, it was cheap). During my advertising days, I had always made The Moon my pit stop on my way to Kuala Terengganu for work. The owner at that time was some British chap who's philosophy in running a chalet was pretty simple...books, beer and conversations.

Now, though, the place is run by Indonesians. It looks almost abandoned, uncared for.

I couldn't wait to leave.

More pictures here.

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