Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Cherating to Besut

Dear Sayang,

We have left Cherating. We plan to drive non-stop to Besut and meet Lan there. While the weather’s still good, we might as well make the most of it and head for the islands. According to the locals, the first monsoon wave has passed but the second will be coming any time soon.

Breakfast this morning was in Kemaman – I was looking forward to my first nasi dagang on this trip. Unfortunately, it was a super sweet. I couldn’t finish it.

The river at Rantau Abang
We drove up to Kuala Dungun to check out the old ITM hostel where I used to stay. Well, it’s gone now. Only memories are left.

We made a stop at Rantau Abang for lunch. The lempeng kelapa was so nice. This was my “comfort food” when I was little. Eating this today made me remember my childhood days again.

Our next stop was at a place called Kelulut, for keropok lekor by the beach. Sayang, its so nice having tea and keropok by the beach, with the sea breeze blowing. We must come here with Musa and Maryam. I’m sure Musa will like it. I miss you all.
Kepok at Kelulut
The drive to Kuala Besut was bright and sunny all the way. Except in places near Kerteh and close to Besut where we experienced some rain but it did not pour.

The weather is unpredictable. The sky changes all of a sudden from sunny to dark but doesn’t really rain. We passed Penarik but didn’t stop this time because it was already late. By the time we reached Kuala Besut, it was almost .

Dinner tonight was nasi lemak with lauk ikan which you can’t get in KL. The gerai here makes four large periuk of it every day. Can you imagine how many bungkus they sell every day?

Tonight, we are sleeping at Keranji Resort’s office in Besut. 

More pictures here.

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